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Elsewhere & Wise
Kristi Maxwell
dancing girl press, 2008
$7.00 (includes S&H)

Kristi Maxwell's first book of poems, Realm Sixty-four, was published recently through Ahsahta Press. Her second book, Hush Sessions, will be published by Saturnalia in 2009. She is pursuing a doctorate in English at the University of Cincinnati.

from Elsewhere & Wise

There by the knee by the creek

you bend to again.

I want to unfold the weekday of heaven

and stuff something else

where your bending your knee eludes me.

The heft of the silk we call creek

is no where here but as

a word.

The countdown began yesterday, small enough.

A number that dips as did

your bending, a hymn your knee steals.

It doesn’t really have to have

a stopping. Doesn’t have.