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The Animal Husband
poems about animals and food
by Christine Hamm
dancing girl press, 2006
$5.00 (includes S&H)

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Hamm's delicious sense of humor, balanced as it is by her tenderness and disdain for sentimentality, makes this collection truly absorbing and intellectually as well as emotionally far reaching...brilliant, severe little dramas."

--Small Spiral Notebook

Hamm's familial explorations are daring, often tragic, and the poems are the "dark star" we willingly sail towards.

--Amanda Auchter, Pebble Lake Review

**Ernesto Priego reviews The Animal Husband in Galatea Resurrects (2/07).

from The Animal Husband

Big Wing

Who are you?
You are “husband.”
What is “husband?”

“Husband” is made out of rubberbands
and salt. Husband floats in most bodies
of water, except for Lake Michigan, in
which he sinks. Husband flew to this
country, used a motor boat in the shape
of a swan when his arms got tired.

Husband has feathers for hair, slight
webbing between his fingers and
toes. Husband used to be
something else, something low and
scaley, but husband tried to reform.

Husband has teeth the size of
shoeboxes. When he kisses me
it hurts, a little.