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Orange Girl
by Simone Muench
dancing girl press, 2007
$6.00 (includes S&H)

About the Author:

Simone Muench is author of The Air Lost in Breathing (Marianne Moore Prize, Helicon Nine, 2000) and Lampblack & Ash (Kathryn A. Morton Prize, Sarabande, 2005). She has a collaborative chapbook Sonoluminescence with Bill Allegrezza (Dusie Press, 2007). Her poems appear(ing) in Iowa Review, Denver Quarterly, and the anthology The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century. Currently, she directs the Writing Program at Lewis University, serves on the advisory board for Switchback Books, and is an editor for Sharkforum.

from Orange Girl

|The orange-girl is generally allowed to enter an auction-store, for auctioneers are mortal, and sometimes eat oranges|

I知 stone and citrus, like policemen's wives.
you're an emerald, buried in dark clothes.
your eyes leaf, bone.

your fingers so many songs

out of tune

I have fallen out of trees singing your name; I have
fallen into your foliation

into your moth-mouth, plum-
thick tongue.

wherever you are, I'll be white teeth,
an abandoned town, a wrapped parcel.

I値l be a blonde in a black smock with sex
appeal, smelling of apiaries.

I値l be a cold sea in an old war film.
I値l be insubordinate

and seville sweet.

you値l be long gone
though you said you壇 never leave.

you said. you said. 鍍hose poor crippled orange trees