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2010 Subscription

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Boom of a Small Cannon / Mary Ann Samyn
EMUseum / Ariana Sophia Kartsonis & Caleb Adler
Squint into the Sun / Jessica Bozek
from The Doll Studies / Carol Guess
Mesmer / Joanna Penn Cooper
Ship-On-Land / Julia Cohen and Brandon Shimoda
Between the Devil and the Deep / Lindsay Bland
The Madre Bones / Amy Fetzer Larakers
Dear Minimum Wage Employee: You Are Priceless / Emilie Lindemann
(al)most delicious / Cati Porter
Silver Roof Tantrum / Naomi Buck Palagi
Something Real / JoAnna Novak
Light Sweet Crude / Cynthia Barounis & Claire Leeds
Easy Beat / Brittany Ober
Houses / Nora Almeida
Birds of Tokyo / Nicole Steinberg
If Made into a Law / Jennifer Fortin
Chrysanthemum Oratorio / Grace Marie Grafton
309.81 / Rachel Mallino
Experiments in Light and Ether / Alexis Vergalla
About birds / Stacy Kidd
Elective Affinities / Kara Dorris
American Lit / Rebecca Guyon
The Bulk of the Mailable Universe / Jules Gibbs
Signs Point to Yes / Lindsay Bell
The Market is a Parasite that Looks Like a Nest / Susan Briante
Planetary Mass / Kat Dixon
Wreckage: By Land & By Sea / Gretchen Henderson
Great America / Trina Burke
Small Hollering / Jamie Kazay
S / Sarah V. Schweig
Field Notes / Linda Leu
Lock, Means / Kristina Jipson
The Art of Exporting / Christina Querrer